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ProWPatch20 V2.3 para PES 2020

Parches PES 2020

26.02.2020 a las 21:26 hs 0 662 0

The ProWPatch is created by WilMotaOfficial... Please respect my work and that of the other modders.

This patch is compatible with Konami live updates and Online Mode.

IMPORTANT: before installing read the Instructions file so there are no problems when using the patch.

I invite you to join my discord channel, there you can be aware of the news of the patch as well as you can inform about bugs you find in the game and give me your suggestions on what I could add:
ProWPatch20 Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/5UUbz2V

Don't forget to follow me on my social networks too:
My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WilMotaOfficial/
My Twitter: @WilMotaOfficial

Special Thanks to:

Juce: Sider 6 for Pro Evolution Soccer 2020

Glauber Silva: PES 2020 GDB Kitpack for KitServer Season 2019/2020

Cesc Fabregas, 1002MB, Hova_Useless, Spursfan8, Zlac, Funzotik, @Ryudek : Licenced Scoreboards

Hawke: Menu Server


V1.0 Initial Release

V1.1 Minor Arrangements

V1.2 New Graphic Menu

-Menu Music
-New Team Textures
-Borussia Dortmund
-David Beckham (2019)
-Player Faces

V2.1 Updated Sider to version 3.2

-Compatibility with Datapack 4
-Add New Legends to World and Euro Classics teams
-Reorganized myClub Legends Team

V2.3 Updated Sider to version 3.3

Extract Password: ProWPatch

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